Matthias Janitorial Services Inc. is dedicated to giving all of our clients in Augusta, GA and the surrounding CSRA the highest professionalism and best quality as we meet all of their janitorial service and cleaning service needs. We are focused on the satisfaction of all of our clients, from commercial cleaning to residential cleaning. We work to balance our expertise with our clients’ needs in order to provide the best cleaning service and janitorial service possible.

We provide and nurture open communication with our team members because they are the ones who are on assignment and deal with our clients first hand. It is their valuable knowledge combined with their ongoing training that allows Matthias Janitorial Services Inc. to continue providing the highest quality commercial cleaning and residential cleaning. We are proud to maintain OSHA compliance to ensure safe and efficient workspaces.

All of this works together to have made Matthias Janitorial Services Inc. the premier janitorial service and cleaning service in Augusta, GA for over 20 years. We all work together to get each job done right the first time, with our customer’s satisfaction guaranteed!



Our Policy on Continuous Improvement

  • Enriching our clients’ value through innovative & better services and products
  • Lessening defects, waste & errors
  • Monitoring Quality Control Practices & feedback from our clients
  • Refining cycle time performance & reaction

Improving process efficiency & output through all of our resources